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????How to Invest in Gold - Physical Gold (Bullion) vs. ETFs

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How to Invest in Gold - Physical Gold (Bullion) vs. ETFs

Investing directly in commodities, such as gold or oil, tends to be more difficult for investors than investing in stocks and bonds. A major reason for this is that stocks and bonds are readily transferable and easily accessible to the average investor. Traditionally, commodities have been more difficult to invest in due to the complex way in which they trade through the futures and options markets. In other words, an investor can't just buy a barrel of oil. Precious metals have been a store of wealth for millennia. Owning coins, bars, or jewelry used to be the only option to invest in gold, silver, or platinum, but today’s investors have a number of alternatives. In addition to bars and coins, you can also hold precious metals certificates, metals-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and closed-end bullion funds. Gold is more accessible to the average person because an investor can easily purchase gold bullion (gold in its physical form) from a dealer or, in some cases, from a bank. However, with the advent of more advanced financial instruments, gold, along with other commodities, has become much easier to invest in without having to buy the physical metal. There are now exchange-traded funds (ETF) that replicate the movements of the underlying commodity, giving investors direct exposure. While not every commodity has an ETF, both gold and oil have ETFs. For example, the SPDR Gold Shares (ticker symbol GLD) trades on the New York Stock Exchange and can be traded at any time throughout the trading day. Each share of the ETF represents one-tenth of an ounce of gold, so if gold is currently $1,9500 an ounce, the gold ETF will trade at $150 per share. This investment product is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to access the gold market. In general, investors looking to invest in gold directly have three choices: they can purchase the physical asset, they can purchase an ETF that replicates the price of gold, or they can trade futures and options in the commodities market.
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