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10 Secret Menu FAST FOOD HACKS You Never Knew Existed

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List of the top 10 secret menu fast food hacks you never knew existed. The best fast food menu hacks you need to try and that'll change the way you eat forever in these popular North American restaurants.
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Secret menus at fast food restaurants give in-the-know diners the chance to expand their culinary horizons. When you learn about these secret menu fast food hacks, you'll be ready to try some amazing new tastes from some of the world's most popular fast food joints, including McDonald's and Five Guys. So let’s order up 10 secret menu hacks you never knew existed.

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0:00 10 Secret Menu Fast Food Hacks You Never Knew Existed
0:26 Discover The Land, Sea & Air Burger (McDonald's)
1:23 Create The Double Grilled Cheese Burger (Five Guys)
2:40 Add Bacon To Any Order (KFC)
3:52 Make Some Donut Waffles (Krispy Kreme)
5:18 Customize Your Nachos (Chipotle)
6:29 Nosh On A Suicide Burger (Burger King)
7:48 Ask for Sourdough Bread (Jack In The Box)
8:53 Get a Burger Wrapped In Lettuce (In-N-Out)
10:09 Request A Meat Mountain (Arby's)
11:26 The McGangbang Has A Cult Following (McDonald's)

- The "McLand Sea And Air Burger" is a secret menu hack that is super-indulgent.
- The Double Grilled Cheese Burger and it's made from burger patties and toppings, which are placed between a couple of Five Guys Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
- Bacon lovers really need to know that it's possible to add bacon to entrees or sandwiches from the KFC menu.
- Krispy Kreme fans have been turning the chain's addictively yummy donuts into waffles.
- Many Chipotle fans don't realize that they can order nachos if they want to.
- The Suicide Burger from BK is a secret menu item with a very edgy name.
- Most people know that some Jack In The Box menu items come with sourdough bread, but they don't usually know that they can request sourdough on other menu items.
- Low-carb diet fans will be thrilled to discover one lesser-known In-N-Out Burger secret menu hack. It's possible to get a burger wrapped in lettuce, without the typical bun.
- The Arby's Meat Mountain is a sandwich with a dizzying and filling array of ingredients, including Angus steak, brisket, corned beef, ham, chicken tenders, Cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese.
- The McDonald's McGangbang consisted of a McChicken sandwich that was placed between a Double Cheeseburger or a McDouble.

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