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????4 summer home cafe menu???? | Peach Panna Cotta, Rainbow Crape, Mango Bingsu, Coconut lime slush

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* This video is sponsored by K-milk!

Hello, everyone! How have you been?????
I tried 4 summer menus at home!
K-milk really loved the first video that we worked together and yes!
I'm here with another video with K-milk! please be happy for me!!!!!

This video has been discussed for a long time with K-Milk about the menu that my subscribers can easily follow at home!
4 desserts that I made in this video looks so yummy and even delish!????????
I'll leave a detailed recipe below so you can follow me!

The way to participate in the event is very simple!
Take a cool and delicious shot about milk dessert.
Tag me @zoe.one1 and the K-milk @kilk_love.
Upload it on Instagram!

0:30 Mango Milk Bingsu
3:19 Peach Milk Panna cotta
6:17 Rainbow Crape Cake
10:43 Coconut Lime Milk Slush

*Event Notice*
-Event Period: 2020.08.14-2020.08.23 (10 days in total)
-How to Participate: Upload photo of summer milk desserts such as milk shaved ice, milk ice cream, and ice latte to Instagram! (You can took your own dessert, or you can also participate with any milk desserts!)
-Required tags: @zoe.one1, @kilk_love, #milk, #milk, #milk dessert
-Products: 3 Weimar Mini Blenders, 10 Paris Baguette Milk Bingsu Gifticons (picked)
-Presentation of Winners: 2020.08.26

[Mango Milk Bingsoo]
1. repeatedly freeze 500ml of milk and 40ml of condensed milk in a square frame and scrape with a fork to make a bingsu base.
2. Boil 10 pieces of frozen mango, 10 ml of honey or agave syrup, and 5 ml of lemon juice, then grind them in blender (Pure).
3. Slice or slice the Deco-yong mango in cube form.(Cube is more comfortable!))
4. Lay the milk shaved ice base and puree sequentially and place the mango for decoration on top.

[Peach Milk Panakota]
1. Soak 2 sheets of pangelatin in cold water
2. Boil 140ml of milk, 200ml of milk whipped cream, 30g of sugar, 1t of vanilla extract over low heat for 5 minutes.
3. Turn off the heat and stir with gelatin.
4. Cool the contents of No. 3 in the refrigerator.
5. Cut half of the peaches into cubes and boil them over medium low heat for 5 minutes, such as 10ml of lemon juice and 20g of sugar.
6. Change only the peaches boiled in No. 5 with a grinder.
7. You can also cut it into round pieces with half a spoon of peaches!
8. Put the ground peach on the cup (pure) and decorate it with a decoration peach.

[Rainbow Crepe Cake] - Cooking Tree - Made from Pastel Rainbow Crepe recipe!
1. Add 5 eggs, 60g sugar, 1g salt, and 5g vanilla extract and mix.
2. Sift 250g of flour.
3. Add 600ml of milk.
4. Mix well and add 90g of melted non-salt butter.
5. Recycle for 1 hour in the fridge.
6. Divide the dough into 6 bowls and color it to the desired color.
7. Bake 2 pieces for each batter. (If you want to make it high, 3 pieces each!)
8. Whip 50g of sugar in 300ml of milk whipped cream.
9. Stack the batter and whipped cream one by one.

[Coconut lime milk slush]
1. Add 200ml of milk, 50g of coconut powder, 40ml of lime syrup, and 8 pieces of ice and grind them in blender.
2. Decorate the drink with lime.
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