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505 Games Accidentally Gave Customers The Free Control Upgrade It Said Was Impossible To Give

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505 Games has undermined its own argument that it simply couldn't give existing Control owners a free upgrade for next-gen systems.

PS4 Control players noticed that Control Ultimate Edition was available to download rather than purchase - something 505 Games said couldn't be done. Access to the upgrade without purchase has since been revoked.

Existing Control customers are expected to purchase Control Ultimate Edition if they want a next-gen version of the game. This is because 505 Games wants more money, but it simply couldn't admit it. Instead, it told a lie that was stupid and discreditable to begin with, then couldn't even keep that ruse going.

Classic "AAA" shenanigans!

Source: https://www.vg247.com/2020/09/11/control-ultimate-edition-accidentally-free-deluxe-edition-owners/

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