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9 BONUSES! + TOP Level on Deal or No Deal Megaways!

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Hey everyone, tonight’s bonus hunt is something a little different. As my luck has been pretty bad lately, especially with £2 stake bonus hunts, I decided to change it up (down) and play a £500 deposit, £1 stake bonus hunt and see how it compares to the usual £2 ones that I do. A lot of people who post their big win pics on the forum (https://forum.stopandstep.com) are on low stakes, often 60p to £1 so I thought I would join them on the lower and more realistic stakes.
As it happens, the bonuses started flying in, hitting nine bonuses in total!

The slots I played were: Primal, Genie Jackpots Megaways, Donuts, Ted, Ring of Odin, Wildhound Derby, Deal or No Deal Megaways, Paws of Fury, Dead or Alive 2, Goonies and Napoleon.
As it happens, I hit a bonus on nine out of the eleven slots, even reaching the MEGA Deal or No Deal which I hadn’t managed to do before.

I hope you enjoy this video on the low stakes. Let me know in the comments if you liked this idea and want to see more. Join me live this Sunday at 8pm for a £1000 bonus hunt.
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