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#9 I Believe All Women Have Potential To Be The Greatest Mom In History & Hunter's Special Project

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This Video I share Happy Mothers Day wishes to all Women.
I Believe All Women have The Potential to Be the Greatest Influence In History for our children these days.
If you have Children or not, I believe we all have the potential to be nurturing, and influential, and great example to all.

Hunter ( my oldest son has autism, is nonverbal)
Hunter works along side of me to complete a special project.
We made hand written Thank You Notes, Hunter taped them to a snack, and we shipped the box Fedex to "Love for the Helpers', project - we sent a big box of "thank you for all you do" taped to a snack for Doctors and Nurses and support staff in the local Pittsburgh Hospital.

Contact Email morgansofftheleash@gmail.com

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Our Address: Morgans Off The Leash
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