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A Rare Super Pink Moon Is Coming In April 2021

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A Rare Super Pink Moon is going to make an appearance in the sky of April 2021. A Supermoon is a combination of two lunar events. The orbit of the Moon is elliptical. This means the distance between the Moon and the Earth keeps on changing. The point of closest approach is known as perigee.

In its nearly 27-day cycle, the Moon shows different phases as seen from the Earth. When the Moon is at the full phase when it reaches its perigee, we call it a Supermoon.

If the supermoon makes an appearance in April, we call it a Super Pink Moon. No matter where you are on Earth, you will get to see this rare phenomenon. The April 27 Supermoon is the second one of the year. The next two Full Moons will also be Supermoons.
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