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All code symbol locations for RB Battles Final Battle. (Read description)

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Most people are confused as to how to do this part, so i'll explain it here.
1- Find all the codes and make sure you write them down somewhere (preferably using notepad.)
2- Decipher every code using this decoder. https://twitter.com/gpms8789/status/1337869795178536963
How do you decode it? We'll be taking as example the codes i found for me since it will be independant for everyone else.
2 - 1-Write every code you see in the notepad and sort them out with 4. 1 for DJ, 1 for Russo, 1 for Sabrina and 1 for the three swords. then sort every one of them to 3 since each show a different face/emotion for the three hosts, and since there's three different swords. this is how it looks in my case: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/477542818513027077/787542096684515378/notepad_AeldUTHtse.png

2-2- Now that you sort them out, take the decoder and replace every special character the letter equivalent to it. as example for me the green sword had a character written "|", using the decoder, we find out that | = O, so I write it in the notepad and decipher the rest of the characters.
3- After deciphering every code, you will now need to guess which minigame is the correct one to open the big door. This is the correct order : DJ then Russo then Sabrina then The three swords.
For my case, I found out that with the given deciphered words from DJ, the closest minigame I could consider correct was Simulator Scrimmage. For Russo, it was treasure hunt, sabrina was hunger game and the three swords were dodgeball. *Note this will be entirely different for you so find out the codes yourself, it's not very difficult.* It may need a lot of tries, depending on your case.
3- after getting the correct combination, do not jump immediately. wait until the white floor goes down, then go forward.
4- Good luck getting those golden antlers.
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