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ASMR | Apple Store Role Play (IPhone 12 Pro & MORE!)

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Hello and welcome to our Apple store! I see you've already made an appointment to pick up your orders! We have the NEW iPhone 12 Pro, Airpods Pro, an IPad, an Apple Pencil, and a brand new case for your iPhone 12 Pro! I hope you all enjoy my Apple Store ASMR Video! I've been wanting to make one for so long and after being inspired by so many incredible creators out there I decided to finally give my version! Enjoy and DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!

00:00 - Introduction
03:08 - IPhone 12 Pro
07:39 - Phone Case
12:56 - Airpods Pro
16:09 - Apple Pencil
18:54 - Ipad
22:32 - Checkout

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