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ASMR The BEST Cranial Nerve Exam YOU'VE Watched Ear, Eye Exam Hearing Test Otoscope & Light 1 Hour

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ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam Ear Exam, Eye Exam, Face Exam, Hearing Test Otoscope & Light 1 Hour asmr. Today is your asmr detailed cranial nerve exam and I Dr. Chris will help you with your health. I will examine the 12 cranial nerves with examinations for your medical procedure. Your Asmr exam rp will include hearing test, realistic exam, questions, Nitrile glove sounds, latex glove sounds, whispers, male whisper, crinkles, fabric sounds, face poking, face examination, visual light triggers, ear exam, eye exam, pen sounds, hand sounds, tapping, hand movements, liquid sounds, spray sounds, and personal attention. All this within 1 hour Enjoy this medical asmr roleplay! This is an ASMR doctor exam. Cranial Nerve Medical ASMR roleplay are my favorite.

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The 12 cranial nerves tested today:
Olifactory Nerve
Optic Nerve
Oculomotor Nerve
Trochlear nerve
Trigeminal Nerve
Abducens Nerve
Facial Nerve
Vestibulocochlear Nerve
Glossophatyngeal Nerve
Vagus Nerve
Accessory Nerve
Hypoglossal Nerve

Intro Check in (0:00)
ASMR Questions (1:38)
ASMR Heartbeat Stethoscope (3:07)
ASMR Glove Sounds (3:39)
ASMR Smell Test/Spray Sounds (4:30)
ASMR Eye Exam (6:37)
ASMR Counting Fingers (7:34)
ASMR Eye Test (8:40)
ASMR Light Triggers (9:45)
ASMR Lights Off Eye Test (15:46)
ASMR Finger Vision Test (17:37)
ASMR Color Test With Light (21:21)
ASMR Color Test Solid (22:00)
ASMR Pupil Dilation Test (24:17)
ASMR Follow Instructions Light (25:18)
ASMR Taste Test (26:30)
ASMR Coordination Test (27:21)
ASMR Coordination Test with Light (31:56)
ASMR Ear Exam Otoscope (36:33)
ASMR Tuning Fork Exam (38:05)
ASMR Hearing Test Pen Clicks (41:22)
ASMR Hearing Test Tweezers (43:00)
ASMR Hearing Test Trigger Words (44:29)
ASMR Face Exam Finger Pokes (47:37)
ASMR Face Touching Pinching (48:55)
ASMR Face Muscle Exam (49:40)
ASMR Muscle Exam (51:27)
ASMR Muscle Sensitivity Test (53:10)
ASMR Face Exam (54:44)
ASMR Snellen Chart Test (57:10)
Results Of Examination (58:52)
Sleep Well (1:03:00)

What is ASMR?
Autonomous sensory meridian response, sometimes auto sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. A pleasant form of paresthesia, it has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson.

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