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[ASMR] You Work For Me Now [M4F] • [Vampire Mafia] • [Vampire Feeding]

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You've sadly had no choice but to now work for Mr. Nathaniel in order to pay off your family's debt. You've heard bad things about him and now, you have to be his maid. The aura coming off him is rather sinister, and his attitude is only proving you right. How will you live, knowing you work for a vampire?! Enjoy!

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♫ Sound Effects Used
▶ Spraying - SOUND EFFECT - Cleaning Things Spray SOUNDS
▶ Sweeping - SOUND EFFECT - Sweep Fegen Outdoor Outside SOUND
▶ Silverware sound effect
▶ Plate - Sound Effect (SFX)
▶ Glass Breaking sound effect (HD)
▶ Mop Cleaning Sound Effects | Mop Sound |Take it Nanba
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