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Automate Web Browser and Web Scraping with Selenium and Python For Beginners | Part 1

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In this tutorial series, I will be covering how to use Selenium in Python for web browser automation and web scraping related tasks. The course is designed for beginners; the only prerequisite is you have basic proficiency writing code in Python.

For part 1 of the Selenium in Python tutorial series, I will 1) cover some of the use cases using Selenium, 2) show you where to install a web driver (browser driver) and 3) install Selenium Python library.

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## What is Selenium?
Selenium is an open-source framework designed for web browser automation and testing (and web scraping). Selenium framework supports language such as Java, C#, and Python. Throughout this tutorial series, I will be focusing primarily on using Selenium for web scraping and browser automation.

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