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Bestrate | Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator | Pavel Shter, Peter Sommer & Sean Brizendine

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[Nasdaq MarketSite] Jane King interviews Pavel Shter, the Founder of Bestrate; Peter Sommer the CEO of 1irstcoin; & Sean Brizendine a Sr. Advisor to 1irstcoin.

Segment from TV Show 'Innovators with Jane King'.



BestRate is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator providing the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market.

BestRate is the liquidity seeking and smart order routing provider that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange fiat and 120+ crypto always at the best rate across 100+ crypto exchanges. We transform your crypto exchange account into a crypto gateway to accept crypto payments with transparency and control.

B2B product and services include:

1. Crypto Gateway– crypto payment gateway to increase business profits by accepting 120+ crypto and FIAT, automatically set up bonuses and limits, monitor all transactions in real time and to distribute tokens directly to the end user.
2. Payout – designed for events, bloggers, channels or and other B2C & B2B to accept payments in crypto with automatic conversion to stable tokens if needed.
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