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Binance Community Content: Binance Futures | Quick Trading Guide

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Do you know your way around #Binance #Futures? In this video, I discuss and explain for us to be able to understand futures and how to trade them.

That video contains all of the following aspects:
How to open a Futures account: 0:20
How to transfer funds to a Futures account: 1:29
The benefits of trading Futures vs Spot: 4:36
The risks involved with trading Futures: 6:46
A basic explanation of available order types: 8:38
Contract Explanation (vs BTCUSDT spot): 12:03
PnL explanation: 14:52
Live trading: 17:40

Binance Futures Resources;
✦ FAQ Resources: https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001987372-Futures-Contracts
✦ Basic YouTube Guide Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZWFqAah-K0&list=PL7tuIcOmlNNJbE40sYyAfhZWDWlEjLD-I
✦ Binance Futures Documentation: https://binanceapitest.github.io/Binance-Futures-Documentation/

????Binance Future Crypto Exchange;
???? http://bit.ly/BinanceExchnge

Please consider my reminder: 'Trading #Bitcoin | crypto holds substantial risk. This Technical Analysis, Solely ideas and educational purpose were provided in this video. Your funds are your responsibility, Trade wisely!'

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Hope this video helps. Have a nice day!
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