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BP:”I believe I can turn hate into love. Emotions is emotions”-Patrice O’Neal

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Patrice O’Neal starts by feeling bad for not being a brothers keeper as much as he could’ve helped, explains his bear hunting tactics to Dante Nero, Poppi Fields, & Karith Foster. Dante then talks about deer hunting process of talkin to 20 beezy’s a day & Patrice talks about Dante’s Deer tactics. Patrice also talks about how men have Socratic discussion on how to get women to submit their power in protecting the Nani.

I don't own the rights or making any profit off of the content in any form.
Just wanting to give a different perspective of game to help others be better in the game from getting got(heart break of chaos)

Check my Facebook page on old school virtues of 3n1(warrior, hunter, Chief)
“Game Methods Told Not Sold” that Gives a better grasp of old school game theory of action, energy, space, & timing in life’s duality(light & dark)
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