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Canon EOS R5 for Wildlife a Real World Review (8k video capability 45mp images)

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Canon's latest flagship Full frame Mirrorless the EOS R5 is a wonderful new addition to the Canon line of Cameras.
Its the most logical upgrade from the Canon 5D Mark IV
Shooting footage in upto 8K resolution in RAW
In-Body Image Stabilization or the IBIS is one of the most impressive in the current breed of cameras and a great help to handheld filmmakers
On field testing the Animal Eye autofocus was found to be working accurately in Wolves, birds, even dragonflies, however it needs some light to do that subjects in shade it may not work that accurately
Have tried a variety of subjects from Animals , birds to macro subjects and the camera typically performs well with all.
90% of the review is with the Canon EF lenses and they perform seamlessly with the Canon EF to R adapter , even worked with the Canon RF 600mm F11 STM a amazingly light lens works fantastic in good light /
For Processing i transcoded all the videos to Apple Prores 4:2:2
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