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Cathie Wood's Next BIG 20X Opportunity! Genomic Revolution Stocks (ARK INVEST)

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In this video, I will discuss Cathie Wood's ARKG which focuses on the next 9 Trillion Dollar opportunity for investors in the genomics revolution. We will touch up on the current top 3 holdings of ARKG and in the end, my personal opinions them and what this could mean for you as an investor. Cathie Wood's Next BIG 20X Opportunity! Genomic Revolution Stocks (ARK INVEST)

Cathie wood is known for her success in finding companies that focus on Disruptive innovation. She believes the next big investing opportunity will come from the Genomics sector. As a result, Cathie and Ark founded the ARKG ETF which is an actively managed ETF that seeks long-term growth of capital by investing in the genomics revolution. ARKG aims to capitalize on a $9Tn total available market with the convergence of AI, DNA Sequencing and Gene-Editing. Led by Cathie Wood, I think ARKG will be the best performing ARK Fund over the next 10 years. In 2020 alone, ARKG was up nearly 169% Compared to the 16% of the S&P500 in the same time.

ARKG offers exposure to Innovation, capture long-term growth with low correlation of relative returns to traditional growth strategies and negative correlation to value strategies. Diversification Grounded in Research while also being Cost Effective. The top 3 holdings for ARKG are Pacific biosciences of California, Teladoc Health, and Crispr Therapeutics

ARKG's largest holding at 6.8% is Pacific Bioscience of California, Ticket symbol PACB, currently trades at $37.42 as of the time of his recoding. Pacific Biosciences develops and manufactures the most advance gene sequencing systems helping scientist obtain highly accurate long reads of DNA at an affordable price due to it's high quality data reading on each single cycle.

One of the larges competitors is illumina, which used to be part of ARKG's holdings but after focusing on only short DNA sequencing, rather than the versatile short and long sequencing from Pacific Bioscience, Cathie wood sold out all of it's position from Illumina in favor to Pacific Biosciences. The global Genomics market size was valued at USD 13.4 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 27.8 Billion by 2026. Cathie wood is bullish long term on Pacific Biosciences and believes it will take the majority of the market share in this second.

ARKG's Second largest holding at 5.9% is Teladoc health inc which provides a unique approach to medical consulting by taking advantage of todays technologies to provide access to doctors in a fast, reliable, and personal way via the internet. Also, the same for revenues reflects improvement of 80.9% from the prior-year figure.

ArkG's 3rd Largest Holding at 5.7% is Crispr therapeutics
Crispr-Cas9 is the second generation of technologies that seek to repair thousands of inherited genetic disorders and battle cancer in new ways. CRISPR can cut DNA/RNA at a single point; insert DNA/RNA and new gene sequences; activate and deactivate genes without making permanent changes; track the movement of specific biological molecules; identify the presence of specific cancer mutations and bacteria; locate molecules without making changes, and much more!

Veronica gray is the first person in the United States to have her sickle cell anemia treated with gene-editing of Crispr Cas9. Because Sickle cell Anemia is inherited from genes, having the possibility of altering the course of the genes responsible, could be the key to potentially cure such diseases.

Veronica Gray: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/first-person-treated-for-sickle-cell-disease-with-crispr-is-doing-well

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