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Coming Institutional Wave Will Push Bitcoin To 100k by December 2020

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The institutions are coming for your bitcoin! Are you going to HODL or let them take if from you? Institutional grade products are all getting ready to launch including Bakkt and ErisX, but there is already one product providing physically settled futures that is already out in the market for early access. That product is LedgerX, and they have the centurion contract which is a call option that Bitcoin will hit 100k by December 31st, 2020. Many of their institutional clients are interested in this type of contract ...I wonder why??

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:25 Bitcoin To 100k-This Is Attainable
01:00 Bakkt Testing Has Begun But They Still Have 1 More Regulatory Hurdle
01:45 LedgerX Has Their Product Out Right Now
02:41 LedgerX Omni In Early Access & Their Is Huge Demand
03:06 The LedgerX Centurion Contract-100k BTC By December 2020
03:26 ErisX Backed By TD Ameritrade Is Also Getting Ready To Launch
04:04 What Kind Of Demand For BTC Could These Institutional Products Create
04:57 These Products Will Eventually Have To Buy Off Exchanges
05:25 Bitcoin Supply Keeps Getting Reduced
06:00 Conclusion

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