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COMPLETE SURRENDER. New Moon in Taurus May 2021 Astrology Horoscope

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This horoscope is for the new moon in Taurus, which happens on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 2:58 p.m. ET.

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We have recently stepped into a new and better chapter in life in more real and tangible ways.

As a result, we are now trying to sustain and settle into this different space and make it more stable, secure, and comfortable.

We could feel very excited about that prospect early on as more things fall into place. We could also start to see new and better opportunities open up before our eyes that are more authentic to us as a result.

But despite these good things and our optimism, we could ALSO feel a little uneasy at the same time. We could feel a little uneasy because the fullness of these opportunities still seem just out of reach and because we don't want to make the wrong decision or rock the boat. We could also feel uneasy because something in life still feels missing.

That could then make us very emotional about anything and everything that has or has not happened previously in our lives and bring up major wounds and vulnerabilities. It could also make us feel very stuck or paralyzed, where we hesitate to do anything.

Because we are feeling so confused or stuck about our next move, we then realize that pushing anything to force it to happen just isn't going to work — and that we NEED to surrender fully instead to our experience.

That sense of surrender (which I think happens pretty easily once we understand what is going on) then helps us to finally calm down, come back to our center, feel more grounded, and tap into our intuition.

Tapping into our intuition then paves the way for BIG BREAKTHROUGHS to come a week and a half from now (in between the first quarter moon and lunar eclipse) to complete some new chapter in life, and step into it in its entirety.

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