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Covenant Dungeon BONUSES... A Total Disaster Which Is Also Pretty Neat Actually

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands is all about the Covenants. First we got exclusive COvenant Abilities and now Covenant-specific PERKS for certain dungeons (so far Sanguine Depths for Venthyr, Tirne Scythe for Night Fae and Necrotic Wake for Kyrion), awarding alternative routes through the instance, checkpoints, and power buffs. Is this another neat little bit of oldschool flavor for the game or just another level of meta headache to contend with? Find out with Taliesin in a Weekly Reset SPECIAL REPORT!

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Venthyr Covenant Bonus in Sanguine Depths Dungeon - Stacking 5% Damage and Healing Buff:

Kyrian Covenant Bonus in Necrotic Wake Dungeon - Haste, Movement, Damage Reduction and Healing Buff:

Night Fae Covenant Bonuses in Mists of Tirna Scithe Dungeon - Activate Checkpoints, 10% Stat Buffs:
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