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#Crypto Watchlist | FTX Exchange | Friday 14th May (2021)

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Yesterday was a crazy day thanks to Elon Musk, so where to from here? Well, the charts are throwing up options for both long and short positions. I will be watching and waiting for my entries and not rushing into anything. Let me take you through my FTX watch list.

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00:00 Countdown
00:52 Greetings
03:41 Bitcoin [BTCPERP]
04:49 1inch [1INCHPERP]
05:44 Badger [BADGERPERP]
07:06 Balancer [BALPERP]
07:39 StormX [STMXPERP]
10:57 Ethereum [ETHPERP]
12:03 Huobi Token [HTPERP]
12:40 Chainlink [LINKPERP]
13:31 Maps.me Token [MAPSPERP]
14:56 Polkadot [DOTPERP]

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