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Cyberpunk 2077 Romance | How Will Cyberpunk Romance Options Work?

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Cyberpunk is a role-playing game and CDPR have allowed you to pick your own path in the world of Cyberpunk. This comes down to character customization, picking a lifepath and even deciding who you want to flirt, have a one night stand with or be in a relationship with.

Cyberpunk 2077 Romance | How Will Cyberpunk Romance Options Work?

Cyberpunk gameplay shows us that there are Cyberpunk 2077 romance options and there are a number of available partners within Cyberpunk Night City. In the Witcher 3, Geralt was only allowed to have heterosexual relations ships but Cyberpunk has taken it to the next level by including the LGBTQ+ community. Cyberpunk customization allows you to create a character at the beginning of the game and when going through Cyberpunk gameplay, you can pursue different characters no matter the gender. Now you can pursue these Cyberpunk characters but there's no guarantee that they will find you attractive. Each Cyberpunk Character has their own preferences which V will have to meet before taking the next step. All of these Cyberpunk romance options have been confirmed by CDPR in previous cyberpunk trailers, cyberpunk gameplay videos and cyberpunk 2077 newswires.

When Cyberpunk if finally released, it should be exciting to see who you can be in relationships with and who will reject you no matter the customization, lifepath and decisions you make within the game.

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