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Daily status update: Monero - Tuesday the 10th of September

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* For the latest Monero marketcap, price stats & figures and investment stats, check: https://coincheckup.com/coins/monero
* You'll find the latest Monero news over here: https://coincheckup.com/coins/monero/news


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0:00:00 Hi Crypto fans. Here are some daily statistics for Monero for Today, Tuesday the 10th of September

0:00:06 Monero has lost 3.24% over the past 24 hours.

And lost 0.17% of its value in the last 7 days.

0:00:14 1 XMR currently retails for $73.97 which is 0.0072 bitcoin.

0:00:21 Its marketcap is: $1,272,365,666 .

With a 24 hour volume of: $64,941,993

0:00:34 The 7-day technical analysis of Monero gives an average SELL signal.

0:00:38 CoinCheckup's Algo scores Monero at 90.2% strength.

And it currently ranks number 3 on CoinCheckup.com, based on its Algo-Score.

0:00:46 The main news updates in the last 24 hours for Monero are:

0:00:50 - EOS Price Gets A Boost Amid Tim Draper’s Arrival And Upcoming Blockchain Upgrade; Is $4 in View?

0:00:55 - Ethereum, Monero and Bitcoin available in new Basel ATM

0:00:59 - Litecoin Foundation seeks funds for a crowdfunding system and receives more than their target

0:01:04 - Stable coins and Exchange Coins - What’s the Difference From the Ol’ Corporate Bond?

0:01:08 You'll find the full articles on our news page, linked in the description below.

0:01:12 Longer term analysis tells us that Monero's 30 day volatility has been 23.2%,

And it's 7 day volatility has been 11.2%.

0:01:21 Monero's price ranged between $85.85 and $75.6 in the last 3 months,

0:01:28 which means it had a compound monthly growth rate of -4.15%, and an extrapolated compound annual growth rate of -0.4% over this period.

0:01:37 Over the last 6 months, the price of Monero ranged between $50.57 and $75.6,

0:01:44 rendering a compound monthly growth rate of 6.93%, and an extrapolated compound annual growth rate of 1.23% in this last half year period.

0:01:53 Monero is currently
85.03% lower than its all time high of $494

0:01:59 Thanks for checking this video.

0:02:01 This update is brought to you by "CoinCheckup News Updates" and is based on the latest data from CoinCheckup.com, The crypto research platform


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