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Dak Followed Washington Football Team On Instagram + Left Out Of Hype Video = Drama | Cowboys Rumors

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Dak Prescott drama is back on today’s Dallas Cowboys rumors video. Dak followed the Washington Football team on Instagram, not long after the team left him out of their 2021 hype video. Throw in the Cowboys News that Dak had a 2nd surgery and the Dak Drama is out of control with limited time before NFL Free Agency. It’s long past time to Pay Dak (or trade him if not).

Dak Prescott to the Washington Football Team confirmed????? That was the takeaway by some after the Cowboys’ franchise QB followed (and then unfollowed) the Washington Football team on Instagram. But Cowboys Report host Tom Downey is just over it all, and had to be censored in this video.

The Dallas Cowboys also left Dak out of their 2021 hype video, which was a bad oversight. It’s probably not a big deal, but still. As for Dak Prescott’s ankle surgery, he did undergo a 2nd one in December. It’s not a big deal: pay Dak.

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