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DFFOO GL Guide How2Sphere (incl. Crafted/Refined Bonus Spheres)

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Timestamps below & in pinned comment. A DFFOO guide on how to use your spheres and bonus (refined) spheres. Hope this helps!

Tonberry Troupe Spheres Hub: https://www.tonberrytroupe.com/resources-hub/spheres-hub

Thanks to Vivinoir for the DFFOO art of myself in the intro: https://www.facebook.com/Curtisviiarts
Thanks to GeoffPlaysGuitar for the music in the intro: https://www.youtube.com/GeoffPlaysGuitar
Thanks to the Tonberry Troupe as always for their infographics: https://www.tonberrytroupe.com/

0:00 Intro
0:56 Basic Guideline on When to Use Spheres
1:46 Characters to Use Standard Spheres
2:32 What Not to Do
3:24 Fully Sphered Characters & Sphere Synergy (Lenna)
5:22 Fully Sphered Example #2 (Aphmau)
7:34 Fully Sphered Example #3 (Sephiroth)
8:47 Fully Sphered Example #4 (Serah)
10:53 Fully Sphered Example #5 (Fujin)
12:15 Partially Sphered Example #1 (Garnet)
13:44 Partially Sphered Example #2 (Lightning)
14:30 Partially Sphered Example #3 (Tifa)
14:56 Partially Sphered Example #4 (Rosa)
15:33 General Reason for My Spheres
16:16 Making/Using Refined & Crafted Bonus Spheres
20:06 Character Examples Using Bonus Spheres
21:45 General Reason for Using Bonus Spheres

22:14 Shoutout & Outro
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