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Elite Boutique Investment Banks (Pros and Cons)

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There are two main categories of investment banks elite boutiques and bulge brackets. Elite boutiques (like Evercore, Lazard, Centerview) are firms specifically focused on investment banking advisory. They don't have lending balance sheets and don't focus as much on other business units.

Elite boutiques tend to pay more and are more transparent with analysts recruiting to the buyside. Bulge bracket firms (like Goldman, Morgan Stanley) have much better brands outside of finance and are better for lateral opportunities into other divisions. In truth, it makes more sense to decide on a firm by firm basis, but whether you go to an elite boutique or bulge bracket will impact your day to day job.

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1:31 - Key Characteristics of Elite Boutiques
3:56 - List of Elite Boutiques
4:34 - Pros of Elite Boutiques
5:39 - Cons of Elite Boutiques

Peak Frameworks is a business career prep service started by Matt Ting and Patrick Fong, who have each spent several years working in investment banking and private equity in New York and Silicon Valley. Matt and Patrick met at Evercore, a top tier investment bank, and over the years have tutored and coached dozens of candidates to land their dream business job.

Matt Ting: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewting/
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