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[ENG SUB] Daigo's godlike play while casually talking with chat + bonus #JustFrameBreakdown

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Thanks to Daigo recent beginner videos and free play month for SFV, there are many new players watching Daigo's stream and he welcomes them to ask any questions in the chat. I found this particular match interesting because of the play was super high-level and Daigo doing all of these while casually talking with chat is beyond impressive. Outside of translating, I also put the #JustFrameBreakdown part at the end as well (+ bonus breakdown videos that I posted on twitter and don't know where to put on YouTube lol). Enjoy!

Watch full match from the link below

[Daigo vs Akuma]
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/DaigotheBeasTV/
Mildom: https://www.mildom.com/10467370

[Fujimura vs Gachikun]

[MOV vs Moke]


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