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Ethereum TO THE MOON - Why The Crash is Inevitable!

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Ethereum just crossed 3500 dollars. It's rising, and it's all over the news.
Some predict that it's going to cross 5K dollars. Others are much more optimistic and believe that Ethereum will cross 10K dollars in the next few months.
When it comes to cryptocurrency, its all speculations, at least for now. You never know what's going to happen next.
By the time this video is out, Ethereum could have reached $4K, maybe even $5K. It all depends on how long our graphic designer is going to take to animate this video. Let's show him how much we love him by giving this video thumbs up and commenting down there how beautifully this video is animated.
First, we had Dogecoin, then Safemoon, and now Ethereum, but unlike Safemoon or Dogecoin, Ethereum is actually one of those cryptocurrencies that are legit and has the potential to grow. It's not just based on random speculations by crypto enthusiasts, but it has some features that a lot of other cryptos don't.
I get it. You are confused. You don't know which crypto you should buy. On the one hand, you have bitcoin that has turned itself into digital gold, but it seems like it's in a bubble. On the other hand, you have joke-coins which seems like a quick way to make money, but it's pure speculation. But where does Ethereum stands in this equation?
Is it just another hype, or is it real?
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