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Famous For (I Believe): Song Session - TAUREN WELLS (Lyrics)

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Famous For (I Believe): Song Session - TAUREN WELLS Lyrics
Album: Citizen of Heaven - Famous For (I Believe) Lyrics
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Famous For (I Believe) Lyrics:
Verse 1
There is no fear - cause I believe
There is no doubt - cause I have seen
Your faithfulness, my fortress
Over and over

Verse 2
I have a hope - found in Your name
I have a strength - found in Your grace
Your faithfulness, my fortress
Over and over

Make way through the waters
Walk me through the fire
Do what You are famous for
What You are famous for
Shut the mouths of lions
Bring dry bones to life and
Do what You are famous for
What You are famous for
I believe - in You
I believe - in You

Verse 3
Release Your love - inside of me
Unleash Your power - for all to see
Spirit come and fall on us
Over and over

Bridge 2X
God of exceedingly
God of abundantly
More than we ask or think
Lord You will never fail
Your name is powerful
Your word’s unstoppable
All things are possible
In You


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