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Four Day in the Life - Homestead work - Channel Update

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Hey everybody! Today we are going a "four day in the life" video. Every so often on my schedule rotation i end up with four days off in a row. We call that my "four day". This four day we are trying to get as much done as possible. I take a quick road trip up to Indianapolis to visit a good friend and help him on some DIY projects around his new home. While we are up there we meet up with Neil Koch to hand over the John Deere 755 bucket. Once we get back home we end up getting the black oak cut up into logs and we figure out just how much square feet we can expect to get. We plan on using it for hard wood flooring in the You Tube yacht project. Then we finish out the four day with a little mini excavator work and running some parts for Dirt Perfect. Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out Neils page and stay tuned to see how the bucket turns our for the John Deere 755 -

Here is the video when Nuts319 came down and cut down the black oak tree -

always feel free to reach out at captainkleeman1@gmail.com

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