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Global Violin Sessions: A Cultural Exchange Part 1

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The Virtual Sessions are back! And this time we are taking you on the first part of a trip around the world through the eyes of The Violin.

This Virtual Session is a tale of discovery, globalism and cultural exchange. Technique, sound, rhythm and melody will be taught and explored. But these sessions have a deeper story to tell. We can embrace our similarities whilst celebrating our differences. We are capable of holding duality in our minds and hearts, and these sessions will demonstrate this ideal to the fullest.

What happens if you take one tune and send it around the world? We’re about to find out.

The first stop on our musical journey will see us visiting America, Hungary, Finland and Serbia. We will gain insight into the musical worlds of each tradition, told by the violin and led by a stellar line up of great musicians.

Our tune, written by trumpeter, composer and educator Wynton Marsalis will be given its first outing played Nicola Benedetti. It will then be passed round four countries over three weeks – America, Hungary, Finland and Serbia – from one ‘Virtuoso Violinist’ to another.

Each violinist along with colleagues in their country will make it their own. They will change rhythms, twist notes, rewrite corners, add instrumentation and colours and effects – and along the way, they will teach us how they do it.

Participants will then choose one tune to record and send us their playing. These videos will then be weaved together to create a performance.

We are thrilled to announce the Virtuoso Violinists for the Cultural Exchange Part One are:
America – Week One
• Tessa Lark
• Mark and Maggie O’Connor

Hungary – Week Two
• Roby Lakatos
• Geza Hosszu-Legocky & the Five DeViLs

Finland and Serbia – Week Three
• Pekka Kuusisto
• Nemanja Radulovic

The Sessions take place between 16 November and 13 December

There are two participatory routes:

Explore & Discover: Saturday’s sessions offer the opportunity to Meet the Artists, take part in Q&A’s, learn about the violin's traditions and enjoy some performance sessions which are all open to anyone to sign up to.

Prepare & Perform: Sunday’s sessions are focused on violinists of all ages and stages, from beginners to advanced players, and everyone in between.

Visit the website: https://www.benedettifoundation.org/global-violin-sessions to find out more and sign up to join in.
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