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Harvest is back on the menu ~ Craft High Value Outcomes ~ PoE Ritual League 3.13

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In honor of harvest being reintroduced to path of exile I thought it would be a good idea put out my two cents on the best way to utilize the mechanic for the best value possible. Just wanted to outline strategy and some examples of high value use cases without getting too bogged down in the minutia of the details. Hopefully this helps drive the mindset back into gear of how to make use of harvest. Planning to make one more video on harvest "remove non-x/ add x" crafts specifically as this can be utilized in some non-intuitive ways that I believe are very powerful and given that these crafts will be more common I want to make sure I cover how to use this craft specifically as well.

https://www.twitch.tv/captainlance9 Streaming Sometimes, good place to ask me questions about builds or PoE concepts or leave a comment and I'll try and respond.

0:00 Intro
1:13 Strategy/Reasoning behind best use cases for harvest
1:53 Check out Poedb for all you need to know about gear affixes
2:47 Process of Crafting Items with Harvest
3:47 Overview write up of High Value Harvest Crafts + In depth explode chest example
5:30 In Depth Elemental Spell Damage Shield Example
6:45 Brief Overview of the rest of High Value Harvest Craft Examples
14:20 Thanks for Watching!
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