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“Hey Rylie...” |Gang Rise| Ep 1| New series| Read Description|

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Hey everyone imma explain this series a little bit. It is an original series I believe. I didn’t use anything but the task concept. Basically this series is a gang called the Twilights are trying to be the top gang. They have to complete tasks to rank up, earn money, and fight for the top spot in the “game”. There is a gang in Japan called the Shadows and they have to travel to Japan to stop this gang. It will take months but they will eventually beat them...or will they?

~Hope you Enjoy the video~

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▻13k I will do a QNA and a face reveal◅

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-I’m 14 years old
-I have Tics
-I’m extremely weird
-I’ve been drawing for couple of years
-I’m pansexual
-I’m gender fluent
-I have colored hair and gauges
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