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His Girlfriends Is A Dog (The Haters Try To Put Her Down)

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Reacting to Love Don't Judge BUT WE DO! This mans girlfriend acts like a dog and the haters keep trying to put her down. All this puppy play is making us confused.
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MEET the couple who share the “ulti-mutt” love for one another. Dani, 26, from Tucson, Arizona, is a passionate fan of “puppy play” - roleplaying as a dog - and has found a kindred spirit in her “owner” Jack, 31. Dani has an array of collars, leashes and chains which she buys on Etsy or real-life pet stores - where they make-up fictional dogs to avoid any awkward conversations. Dani responds to commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and even eats actual dog treats handed to her by Jack. The pair have built up a loyal fanbase across Instagram and TikTok - and despite the negative comments they sometimes receive, they have no plans to call time on their puppy playing any time soon.
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