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How To Create A Menu Design With Chalk Markers

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Want to know how you can add pizzazz to your menu board? Check out this easy tutorial video for useful tips and inspiration–and maybe an idea on what to serve next! Warning: You’re going to want a slice of pizza after watching. Shop now: https://chalkola.com/40-Markers-Chalkboard-Eraser-Kit

Create excitement and anticipation at home, or at your restaurant or café, by giving people something to look forward to through a creative menu. This also gives you the opportunity to unlock and unleash your art skills by making your design as fresh and enticing as the dishes on your menu board. By displaying one, you’ll have a high chance of drawing in more customers, or starting a fun meal time tradition right at home.

You may think that designing your own menu board can be complicated or stressful, but with just chalk markers and a chalkboard, you’d be surprised by how fun it can be, and how it can help you develop your art skills each time you create. This also allows you to express yourself freely, and challenge you to design something as mouth-watering as the dish you’re advertising.

▬▬ ✧ YOU WILL NEED ✧ ▬▬
Chalkola Chalk Markers : https://chalkola.com/40-Pack-6mm-Chalk-Markers
Chalkola Chalkboard : https://chalkola.com/Rustic-Chalkboard-Sign

▬▬ ✧ STEP-BY-STEP ✧ ▬▬

✧ Lay out your materials. To focus the attention on your artwork, line your chalkboard with a border using a ruler and your chalkboard marker color of choice. You can use a pencil first to do some faint outlines. Note that you can easily erase chalk pen ink on non-porous surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your drawing as you can wipe off the ink with a damp cloth or an all-natural chalkboard spray cleaner.

✧ Using your pencil, sketch the outlines of your dish or dishes for the day. We’re serving up pizza on our menu board, which is fun to draw especially when you add some colorful toppings on it! As your chalkboard surface is black, it’s always great to use a white chalk marker for your outlines to make the illustrations and words pop out better.

✧ Once you’re done with the outlines, it’s time to fill them in with colors! Food is most enticing when it’s brimming with different bold and bright colors, so don’t hold back and use as many shades as you want to make your menu board look truly appetizing!

▬▬ ✧ FOR BUSINESS ✧ ▬▬

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