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How to Make Hot Dogs at Home (with a BONUS Archery Challenge!) | By The Bearded Butchers!

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It's time to find out what are hot dogs made of! No, not the cheap ones, these are the real ones. Today, we're going to take venison trimmings and turn them into a traditional summertime favorite - hot dogs!

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By the end of this video, you're going to turn out a delicious, tasty hot dog at home, right in your own kitchen. We'll be using venison and pork fat in this video to make our hot dogs! You are free to use venison that's already been ground and frozen (thaw it first, obviously), you just may not know the fat content compared to using meat that's not been ground.

We are using a 80% lean to 20% pork fat mix for our hot dogs. In our video today, we are using 24 lbs of venison.

We are seasoning our hot dogs with our own Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning https://bit.ly/37jHV6z at a 6 oz/12 lb meat ratio.

We also add 2 oz minced garlic and 2 oz hickory smoke per 12 lb meat.

With 28mm cellulose casing, 8 hots dogs makes up 1 lb.

30:13 How to tie a hot dog

37:23 How to peel the casing off of a hot dog

40:48 Don't miss the archery challenge!!
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46:09 - A prayer and some family time

When making hot dogs, you don't want the ground meat to have any definition like sausage whatsoever. The ground meat should be very finely ground by the end of 4 or 5 passes through the grinder. Remember, the colder the meat is, the more efficiently it will pass through the grinder.

Here is everything you will need:

???? https://bit.ly/37qL7NL - Bearded Butcher cutlery

???? https://bit.ly/2CIo7R9 - Every other Victorinox knife you'd ever want

???? https://bit.ly/37jHV6z - Don't forget our famous Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning!

???? https://amzn.to/3k92RUJ - Hickory Smoke Powder

???? https://amzn.to/3kanuA8 Minced Garlic

???? https://amzn.to/2Fu3SYm Hot Dog Casing that we recommend

???? https://amzn.to/2WhS7Lh Disposable cutting boards to keep things clean and safe

???? https://traeger.uym8.net/3KrxX Get your Traeger!

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5:21 - Start by seasoning the meat. 12 lb gets 6 oz of Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning. We mix the seasoning into the trimmings before we grind them so we end up with a much better blend.
7:59 - Scott show you how to take apart, assemble, clean, and lubricate the meat grinder.
10:00 - Time to grind up some venison! Start with a 10mm or 3/8 inch plate for a coarse grind.
12:17 - Grind #2 goes through a 4.5mm or 1 inch plate. Never remove the guards from your meat grinder!
14:06 - Grind #3. Replicating the outcome of a bowl chopper (finer meat texture) by running the venison through the grinder again.
16:23 - Grind #4.
16:31 - Grind #5. Change your gloves (lots of protein extraction by now, everything is stick and the proteins are binding together). At this point, dump in 1.25 lb ice for 12 lbs of meat. Dump it right into the ground meat. This will bring the temp down and help it through the final grind.
21:54 - Now it's time to get out the mixer! MEAT makes it super simple by allowing for a quick attachment of the grinder to the mixer that you just finished using. Just dump in your ground meat and 1/2 ounce pink cure (sodium nitrite for wild game) for every 12 lb meat. Use about 1/2 bottle of water as well. Change directions every minute, 8 minutes total - so about 4 minutes mixing in each direction. You are free to add more water if you notice that the meat is firming up. Lean meat like venison will usually absorb more water.
25:28 - No more power tools. Time to stuff the meat into the casings on the manual stuffer.
28:31 - How to twist hot dogs. Try to keep up! ????
32:25 - Time to smoke the hot dogs on the Traeger 885. 165 degrees for 2 hours, then 1 hour at 185 degrees, then 1 more hour at 205 degrees. 4 hours total... Then a hot dog ice bath!

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