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How to make money with brave publisher? Excellent browser

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A simple step-by-step guide to earn free money with Brave Browser (BAT Token) Hi friends, I can teach you how to earn money online, work from home (I already have proof of payment) 1) Download the brave browser from this link; Brave.com/tec857
1) Download Brave Browser to receive rewards (must be installed and used for 30 days 2) Create an account and link your Youtube / website to get your referral link. 3) https://uphold.com
You will need to create a Uphold account to receive payments made from Brave Rewards.
You will need to create an account here as a result of payments made to Brave Rewards. KYC is a must! 4) Use GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR to log in ???? EARNINGS FORMS: 1.) Referral Program ~ You will be awarded $ 5 in BAT tokens for each user who downloads and uses Brave Browser for 30 days using your personal link. 2.) Editors / Creators- For those who have a website / Youtube channel who want to monetize their platform, Brave Browser users can give you advice on BAT. 3.) Ads ~ View ads to earn BAT tokens. Set it to 5 ads per hour. REMINDER: ALWAYS CHECK / CONNECT YOUR BRAVE BROWSER WITH YOUR UPHOLD ACCOUNT. To do that, click on the BAT icon in Brave Browser and then click on "Wallet Verify". Payment is every 8 of the month. You can transfer them to your Coins PH (any BTC wallet can do it) or bank account.

Una sencilla guía paso a paso para ganar dinero gratis con Brave Browser (BAT Token) Hola amigos puedo enseñarles cómo ganar dinero en línea, trabajar desde casa (ya tengo comprobante de pago) 1) Descarga el navegador valiente desde este enlace;
1) Descarga Brave Browser para recibir recompensas (debe instalarse y usarse durante 30 días 2) Cree una cuenta y vincule su Youtube / sitio web para obtener su enlace de referencia. 3)https://uphold.com
Deberá crear una cuenta Uphold para recibir los pagos realizados de Brave Rewards.
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