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How To Use WhatsApp In Any Web Browser

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Easy to follow tutorial on how you can use Whatsapp from a web browser on your PC! Did you know you can use Whatsapp on Chrome, Firefox and Safari? Learn how to do it now!

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- For this to work you will still need to have access to whatsapp on your phone to set it up.

- On your phone, open whatsapp and then tap on the menu button at the top right. Then tap on whatsapp web.

- You need to allow camera access to whatsapp if you haven't already.

- Now open up the web browser on your PC and go to web.whatsapp.com .

- Here you will see a QR code, on your phone on the whatsapp web page we were on before you need to scan that QR code.

- Once the code has been scanned you will instantly be logged into your whatsapp account from the web browser.
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