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How To Withdraw And Freeze WIN Token From Binance - TRONBet WinK

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How To Freeze WIN Token And Withdraw From Binance - #TRON # TRX #WinK

WinK ???????? https://www.wink.org/?r=Join
Binance ????https://www.binance.com/en/markets?ref=37412567

Tronlink https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tronlink%EF%BC%88%E6%B3%A2%E5%AE%9D%E9%92%B1%E5%8C%85%EF%BC%89/ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec?hl=en-US

Guildchat https://www.guildchat.io/

Quick tutorial on how to withdraw the Wink WIN token from binance exchange and also explaining how to freeze it.

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How to withdraw WIN tokens from binance exchange to a external TRON wallet and also the freezing process ?

First off in order to freeze WIN tokens At Wink, a TRON wallet that can interact with DApps is needed.For computer i prefer TRONLink chrome extension and for mobile i like guild chat wallet. Download the app and generate a new wallet. Once you have a TRON wallet head over to bye nance. Withdrawing is very simple, Enter your newly generated TRON wallet in the WIN address section and the amount of WIN tokens to withdraw then request. Once you submit the withdrawal and did 2fa , Make sure your logged into your TRONLink chrome extension wallet and go to the Wink.org homepage. It will take 5 to 30 minutes before binance sends your token withdrawal.Now click the Windrops tab on Wink homepage and you should see your tokens in the withdrawn section. To freeze you WIN tokens your TRON wallet must have at least 1 to 3 tron for the transaction energy fee.
Press freeze and select the amount of tokens you want frozen then confirm it and your WIN tokens are now frozen.
You do not need to do anything else you will get your daily tron

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