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I watched all of Nostalgia Critic's awful films so you don't have to..

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For this video, I've decided to make myself suffer by watching 8 whole hours of movies made by Doug Walker, a.k.a The Nostalgia Critic. This man has been on the internet for years! Reviewing films, and a whole bunch of other things for Channel Awesome and That Guy with the Glasses.

After a whole bunch of reviewing, he decided to make films of his own! The anniversary films! Those are: "Kickassia", "Suburban Knights" and last but maybe least "To Boldly Flee". Also, even though it's not a feature film, I've decided to also watch Doug's cinematic masterpiece "Nostalgia Critic's - The Wall", since everyone has been going on about how great it is.

Did I enjoy my experience? You can maybe guess.. But you should watch the video to know for certain!

This is all I have to say for this description.

00:00 Why??
02:56 Kickassia - is it even bad?
07:43 Suburban Knights - this is an absolute mess!!
14:15 To Boldly Flee - The tipping point
26:14 Nostalgia Critic's The Wall - Is it better than pink floyd's one? Maybe..

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