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I Watched an Episode of JoJo 50 Times to Learn Japanese

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And IT WORKED! (Surprisingly?)
In this video I share my experiment of watching the same content over and over again a (stupidly) high amount of times to learn languages.

From what I experienced, this method absolutely works. While it may seem as if you can't really learn that much from a single 20 minute anime episode, the amount I learned/the things I improved at, honestly felt pretty surprising. I feel like the true potential of this method is unleashed if you were to do the same thing, except for many other pieces of content as well, not just one episode.

The main benefit from this experiment I feel is the ability to recall a large amount of words and reference quotes with their pronunciation from the top of your head, very quickly, as the anime almost gets stuck in your head, like a song you've listened to way too many times.

If anyone is interested in the Anki deck I made, here it is: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1626168555
Its probably best if you make your own cards, but this serves as an example of how I made mine!

Matt vs. Japan video on why you should learn Japanese from anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9ND6uw6-QA

Dogen's video where he mentions listening to the same movie over and over again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVXt_h2--WM

Sono Chi No Sadame (but it ends immediately, by Jmcgee11252 - https://youtu.be/eyZShw8bAhQ)
Tomb Raider II OST - Cradle to the Grave (Venice Version)
Bazzi - Mine
Beastars OST - Juno is in Love (by Satoru Kosaki)
ジョジョ 黄金の風ED - Freek'n You
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror - Cabbage Cavern (Area 3)
Nekojishi OST - Confused
Street Fighter - Guile's Theme

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