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I Watched Martin Garrix DJ in 0.25x Speed & Here’s What I Found

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0:00 - Intro
0:30 - How Does He EQ?
1:36 - Drop Switch Mix
2:47 - Build Up Section Mix
4:14 - Echo & HPF Filer Accent
4:27 - Dub Echo FX Accent
4:38- Dub Echo FX Hype Build Up
5:07 - Echo Transition Out
5:17 - Reverb Transition Out
5:26 - Dub Echo FX Transition Out
5:40 - Echo/Reverb with Dub Echo FX
5:57 - Effects Demo
6:10 - Effect Setup


So the first thing I noticed is that.

Martin never touches his Mid and High Eqs when mixing.

You see when he chooses to mix the next song in, he always has its LOW EQ turned down, while the other song has all its EQs centered to the 12 O’clock position.

This gives Martin only 2 things to focus on when mixing the next song in: the volume fader and Low EQ knob, and what he typically does when he mixes is this.

Personally I enjoy this method of EQing because it keeps things simple, and if you’re a beginner DJ, I highly recommend emulating this style.

So Martin Garrix is known for having high energy mixes. And there are two transitions he uses to keep his mix exciting.

One keeps you on the edge of your toes wondering what he’s going to mix next, and the other heightens the energy of the mix up and keeps you dancing,

So let’s begin with the first one which is an EDM chorus switch transition.

So this type of transitioning works by basically mixing the next song’s build up section in, when the current songs build up section hits. And when the current song is about to hit it’s chorus section, you switch volumes, so that the other song’s chorus hits instead.

So this is a great way to keep the mix exciting and unique for the listener and another way he sustains the energy of his mix is thru having the build up section of the next song begin, when the current songs’ chorus ends

So all this really takes is proper counting. So if you know the chorus section of your current song ends here, and if you know the build up section of your next song begins here. Then simply mix the next song here when you reach this section at the current song!

Now, to keep his mix fun and unique, and to keep busy. Martin likes to accent his mix. Which means that he likes to turn knobs and activate effects at certain sections in songs to better emphasize them.

So he accents his mix in 3 ways.

1. He activates a 1/4 Echo Effect and turns the Filter Knob Clockwise then counter clockwise

2. He activates a Dub Echo FX and turns that knob clockwise and counter clockwise as well.

3. He uses Dub Echo FX to also hype up a build up

Since we’re on the topic of transitioning. The effects Martin likes to use when he transitions out are the following:

1. 1/4 Echo Effect

2. 25% Reverb Effect

3. A Dub Echo FX brought to the 1 o clock position

4. A combination of a 1/4 Echo / 25%Reverb effect along with a Dub Echo FX
See what happens behind the scenes:
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