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Jenny Science - Tutorial 1 | startup with web browser

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In this video you will see an initial setup of the ELAX® electric slide with the XENAX® servo controller.
Within 5 minutes you are able to start any of our linear motor or rotativ axis and controll them simply by using your Webbrowser.

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - How to Plug everything together and what Powersupply we need
02:18 - Find the IP-Adress from the XENAX®
03:00 - Prepare Computer: IP-Adress / Subnetmask
04:42 - Connect via Webbrowser to the XENAX®

Further information about our ELAX® electric Slide, XENAX® Xvi servo controllers and the WebMotion® can be found at www.jennyscience.ch

Ethernet Installer: https://www.jennyscience.ch/en/products/download

ELAX® Ex 50F20 electric Slide:https://www.jennyscience.ch/en/products/elax-electric-slide
XENAX® Xvi 75V8S servo controllers: https://www.jennyscience.ch/en/products/xenax-servo-controller/xvi-75v8s

Music: studio.youtube.com
Webbrowser: google.com/intl/de/chrome/
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