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Камера Обскура "Теряю" (2020)

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lyric video + live studio recording

I'm losing my words
i'm losing face
but even losing everything around me,
I believe that everything will end well

I lost my patience
I lost my pulse and look like a dead man
but i believe that everything will be ok

today it will be hot, as if you are being fried in a pan
today you will not find anyone and anywhere
you will float on rusty water and choke
but someone's hand won't let you drown

I'm losing warmth
I'm suffocating in the dark
I lost my strength and ability to love,
but I believe that there is still left, who to trust

I lost my peace
I cut all the way back
I lost all my thoughts
but I believe that somewhere I will find a kindred spirit

today it will be cool, as if you were frozen in the ice
today you won't find anyone
you will be gray on the outside, you will rot on the inside
but someone's hand will not allow you to trample you into dust

losing a dream
losing sight,
losing courage and purity of thoughts,
I believe it's impossible to lose everything
I know it's impossible to lose everything
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