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Magnetic Switch Motor

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This video contains information on how my magnetic switch motor works and how it’s constructed.

Some of the specifics are as follows:

I used four N52 neodymium magnets in this video. They are .05 x 1 inch in size. I stacked them to form two 1 x 1-inch cylinders.

The 2 metal bars I used in the rotor are 6 x 1 inch.

The shielding material is from CO-NETIC. There are three sheets, which are each 8 x 5 inches. The holes are 1-inch diameter, with a 3-inch space between them, centered in the metal sheets.

This design would have a much better chance of working consistently with square magnets with at least 400 lbs of magnetic hold force, low friction bearings, and a leverage bar triggering the switching of the shielding slider.

The Key to building a Magnetic Motor:

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