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MagTapp Introduction Video | Image Dictionary | Browser & Document Reader with Visual Meaning

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Download MagTapp here:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.olm.magtapp&referrer=utm_source%3DIntro%2520%26utm_medium%3DYouTube%26utm_campaign%3DMagtapp

MagTapp is the world's first browser where a user can get the visual meaning with a SINGLE TAP.

MagTapp is equipped with the following features
1-Browser-Browser any content smoothly and read it with a single TAP meaning
2-MagDoc-MagDoc is a universal document reader where a user can read any document like Word, PPT, Excel, ebook with the help of a single TAP. A user can also edit the document and highlight it.
3-MagBoat-MagBoat is a chatting dictionary which helps the user to get the visual meaning by typing and voice search. It is extremely helpful for offline reading like books or newspapers.
4-MagSaves-Here user can save any piece of document online/ offline for future use.
5-MagNotes-A user can make a note smoothly with a single tap.
6-Text to read & Music Mode-A user can listen to the document completely or can play the music in the background for a better reading experience.
7-Cognitive Games-A must needed work-day time killer that enhance your cognitive skills as well.

12 Reasons You Must use MagTapp Right Away (#StartupIndia Recognised)

- World’s First Visual Web Browser.
- One Tap Simple Visual Meanings.
- Best Universal Document Viewer & Editor
- MagBot to Chat & Understand Words Anytime
- Amazing Text to Speech Mode for Web Articles & Documents
- Music Mode for a Next Level Enhanced your Reading Experience
- One Tap Save & Share Everything on the Internet
- MultiLingual MagNotes to Easily Access & Save Notes
- Simplest App Design for Easiest Use Possible
- Amazing Games to build your Vocabulary
- Made in India, Made for the World


- A fully developed, fast, functional and integrated VISUAL web browser that will read all online web pages with ONE TAP MEANING feature.
- The browser will have the facility to READ the content. Suppose you don’t want to read an article or content, the browser will read content for you.
- This browser will auto-disable the video that got played when we open any page with good Internet speed. If you want to watch a video then he needs to click on the play button.
- This browser will have less setting Tabs so a user won’t confuse.
- The user also has options of Background Play, Night-Mode, Reading-Mode, Saving & Sharing WebPages & much more.


- ONE TAP facility will be available on our entire browser in 100 languages and that covers almost all the major languages across the globe.
- This one TAP display will have a relevant image and word explanation of TAPPED WORD


- MagTapp will help in the reading of any type of offline documents like PDF, PPT, MS Word, Excel, ebook, etc with the facility of ONE TAP in 100 languages
- A user can also bookmark, copy, highlight, underline and strikeout words in any document.
- A user can also customize MagDoc as per his convenience. It has four different document viewing modes.
- It has the facility of Vertical & Horizontal Scrolling, Reading Progress bar, Night Mode of reading and a lot more to give a very personalized reading experience with one TAP facility.
- You can share your Notes, PPT, Docs, ebooks, Presentation, etc to other users worldwide (or make it a private saving for personal use).
- You can also access the notes, ebooks or docs, presentations shared by other users by searching it in the search menu.


Content will be delivered to users based on their interest and behavior of users so they can consume what they want and they remain relevant to them. Specially curated content for you.


- It will be the same as the Pinterest of documents, webpages, word meanings and more.
- A user can save any document, webpage, word meaning with the help of just a TAP and use it later or share it with his peers.


- A user can copy and paste a part of an online or offline document and save it for further use.
- Rather than typing, a user can also record a voice note and save it for further use.
- A user can type note and share in any language
- It will be available at the bottom of all online and offline documents so a user can save any part of the content with ease.


- By using Chatbot, a user can search the pictorial meaning of any words in chat format available 100 languages.
- Users can also search for content using Chabot in an interactive chatting interface.
8-GAMES, SCORE & FUN (Genius Board)
- User can see the number of TAPs they will do in a month. And they can also see the leaders who will do the maximum Tapps. That will increase the competitive spirit and spirit of reading.

Producer: Satyapal Chandra
Director: Soumya Ranjan Das
Presented by: Manmeet Kaur
Editor: Shobhit Mourya
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