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Marvel's Avengers Game while we wait for Spider-Man 2
Smash Like ???? SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ????????????????????
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I blast off from Omegle to try out Marvel's Avengers Game Beta that's coming soon to PS4 ...finally! I'm surprised how AMAZING this game is seeing how I can play as Iron Man Thor Black Widow The HULK and even Captain America ...before he dies in-game. SPOILER lol. I'm pretty sure Spider-Man will be a playable DLC character too. It's only the beta but there's so much gameplay and outfits and power to unlock for the BEST Funny Moments! Imagine how great this would play on the PS5 as well. If you guys enjoy and want more Omegle, Playstation 5 Funny Moments and Reactions, Like and Subscribe to never miss a video! http://bit.ly/BeMajestic

if you see this YOU'RE DA GOAT ????
" Marvel's Avengers Game is AMAZING NO SpiderMan PS5 "
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