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"May I Believe?" British journalist and media commentator Nick Pope Weighs in

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It was not until the 19th century that we realized that we had the technology to do great things and to expand beyond the limits of our own imagination. Where does this particular knowledge about these advanced technologies come from? Do extraterrestrial beings exchange this information via a yet unknown form of communication?

Or is there something what is that logic and common, many of us never thought of being a plausible answer to why our species feel this almost uncontrollable urge of applying A.I. to our existence?

This week’s guest was, from 1991 to 1994, an employee at the British Government's Ministry of Defense (MoD) where he was working on real-life X-Files. Currently he is a freelance journalist and media commentator, and is, by the media, called "the real Fox Mulder". I am talking about none other than the British journalist, media commentator and UFO expert...Nick Pope.

NOTE: Our sincere apologies… we have tried to enhance Mr. Pope's interview as much as we could. We have no clue what it was that was creating the interfering on that particular day. http://nexttruth.com/?page_id=347
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