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Mega Star Ki Mega Fan | Chiru moments in Iraq Afghanistan | Ravi Prabhu |Ravi Telugu Traveller

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Mega Moments with the Mega Star.

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Songs in the video are from Telugu Movie Rakshasudu. The Music produced by Ilayaraja

We all have our super heroes and whilst growing up it wasn’t Superman, Spider-Man or Bat Man that aroused my adrenaline but it was this man - Megastar Chiranjeevi who was my super hero.
I have been an ardent admirer and a die hard fan growing up, having been glued to telugu cinema and awaiting his next release always, and I know for a fact he continues to be a super hero for many telugu speaking people like me.

Goosebumps getting to meet him and having had the honor of spending a lot of time with him talking about a myriad subjects including travel, health and fitness.
An epitome and embodiment of humility and this is exactly what has made him a heartthrob of millions. Instead of posing like a huge celebrity, he made me put my sunglasses for the pic and even brought me home made coffee ☕️ to savor with him.

Mega moments with the Mega Star... I had only been to 163 countries then and personally meeting him and spending some time with him felt like a bigger accomplishment than traveling through 163 countries .

I hopefully will go and meet him in person once again once I complete the remaining 9 countries...

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