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META POTENTIAL! NEW VALKYRIE DECK - Post Arena Of Sanctuary [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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Welcome Valkyrie in the Game! im so glad i pull all valkyrie stuff in the new box, this deck has so many plays, so many goals and i believe this deck is definitely meta potential.

The synergys between valkyrie monster make the deck can go so many ways, so thanks for the game making free continuous spell easily, so this deck is already have the combo without put any continuous or any face-up.

main combo is sigrun. this card can special summon valkyrie monster from the hand or graveyard which you summon valkyrie monster with trigger effect as advantage. like Valkyrie Sechste with special summon another valkyrie from the deck, Valkyrie Zwetei pop monster, valkyrie dritte for searcher.

The final word, this will become more fun, especially i like valkyrie vierte bcs she can search any normal spell/trap. which this deck has super buddy team force and karma cut

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